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Thursday, 06 April 2017 11:39

The disc dog landscape contains several different governing bodies, each with their own unique set of games. Although games and formats can be very similar, it is important to learn the difference between each format. Below, you will find a list of governing bodies and the games they offer. For more information on each format, use the hyperlinks provided. MNDDC typically hosts all formats except AWI and The Quadruped.

United States Disc Dog Nationals (USDDN)

  • Freestyle
  • Toss and Fetch


  • Skyhoundz Classic

o Freestyle

o Distance and Accuracy

  • DiscDogathon

o Freestyle

o Bullseye

o Time Trial

o Spot Landing

o Pairs Distance and Accuracy

  • Xtreme Distance

o Micro division

o Light Plastic

o Classic Plastic

o Unlimited Plastic

Ashley Whippet Invitational (AWI)

  • Freestyle
  • Toss and Catch

UPDOG Challenge

  • Freestyle Showcase
  • Time Warp
  • ThrowNGo
  • Spaced Out
  • FunKey
  • Frizgility
  • 4WayPlay
  • 7Up
  • Far Out

Unidentified Flying Objects World Cup (UFO)

  • Freestyle
  • Throw and Catch

The Quadruped

  • Long distance throwing competition

Minnesota Disc Dog Club Format

  • Freestyle
  • Toss and Catch
  • Catch 22