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Thursday, 22 December 2016 18:06

The Wazee Spirit Award, named after MNDDC's club founder’s dog, Wazee, is awarded each year to a disc dog team that best exemplifies our mission. This includes having fun with their dog on the field, while volunteering off the field to help ensure the best possible experience for those competing. The year’s previous award winner is held responsible to identify which team best embodies the “Disc Dog Spirit.”

Wazee Spirit Award Recipients

2017 - Melissa Cowman and Team Etheren Fen

2016 - Kyle Mjoen and Team Wild Woods

2015 - Vicky Gerber and Team Mighty Mutts

2014 - Niky Bond and Harper

2013 - Jess Kittredge and Codex

2012 - Sean Silvernail and Team Top Gun

2011 - Tania Lex and Lok

2010 - Denise Koster and "the Borrowed Dogs"






The Minnesota Club Cup Award is awarded to a disc dog team whom consistently perform well at MNDDC hosted events. Certain qualifications must be met and potentially change slightly each year. To learn how to qualify for the award, click here.

Minnesota Club Cup Winners

2017 - Melissa Cowman and Nox

2016 - Niky Bond and Harper

2015 - Jess Kittredge and Codex

2014 - Dalen Johnson and Mikko

2013 - Sara Brueske and Zuma

2012 - Amanda Sharp and Koda