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PostPosted: Tue Jul 07, 2009 11:25 pm 
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Unlimited discs, 2 mins.

At least 3 judges score the routine from 0-10. 10 being perfect. Tenth of a points can be awarded. The judges scores are added together for a total for that round. After the freestyle round the handler gets a bonus throw from one catch 22 bonus zone to the other.

Judges will reward ingenuity, difficulty of routine, a variety of disc releases, dog safety, field usage, and handlers featuring the dogs strengths.

PostPosted: Sat Nov 13, 2010 9:52 am 
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Catch 22
Developed by The MNDDC


The format allows for the natural development of freestyle skills via a toss and catch foundation.

1. It is fun to play.
2. It is fun to watch.
3. It rewards different types of players and different types of dogs.

The how:(see diagram)
Throwing box is 5 yards x 5 yards. Zone 1 is 0-20 yards in either direction outside of the Throwing Box and Bonus Box. Zone 2 is beyond the 20 yard line in either direction. Zone 3 is the bonus box which is 5 yards x 5 yards with the furthest edge from the throwing box on the 20 yard line. (same size as throwing box).

Dog and Handler must start in the throwing box, and all throws must originate from the throwing box. Handler can leave box in between throws, but must return to the box for the next throw. Time will start when announcer/timer says go. Time is only kept for the Pro division to determine bonus points and tie breakers, however there is no time limit on each round. Each handler is allowed a maximum of 3 discs. Teams get 5 throws and must alternate sides for each throw. Time stops for Pro division when the dog and handler are back in the box after the fifth and final throw.

1 and 2 point zones with the bonus box being worth 3 points. (See Diagram) Catches are scored where the dog lands. All four paws must be in higher zone to be awarded higher zone points. This does include the Bonus Box.
Extra 1/2 point for catches made with 4 paws off the ground.
Extra 1/2 point for a different throw other than handler’s normal strongest throw. Handlers can show judges a throw prior to attempting it for the 1/2 point bonus if they question whether it will be counted or not or to make sure they notice that it is different. The non-dominant throw must of course be caught to count.

Pro Division Time Bonus – 2 point bonus for the fastest team to attempt 5 throws and make it back to the throwing box after the final catch. 1.5 point bonus for the second fastest. 1 point bonus for the third fastest. 0.5 point bonus for the fourth fastest. The fifth fastest and beyond receive no bonus points for time. Novice division is not timed, and receive 2 points automatically for stepping out onto the field and beginning a round.

If a team were to have a perfect round, making all 5 Bonus Box catches with a non-dominant throw and a leaping dog, as well as being the fastest team to complete the round to get the 2 bonus points for time, the maximum score possible is 22 points.

TieBreakers: Novice= throw off.
Pro= Based on time.

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