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Basic Guidelines for Competition

• Do not interrupt the judges while they are judging.
• Do not interrupt the scorekeepers while they are scoring.
• Keep your dog on a leash at all times when you are not competing or warming up. Your dog should be on leash to & from the field.
• Not all dogs, even well socialized ones, appreciate having other dogs in their space. Please be aware of what your dog is doing at the end of your lead.
• As a courtesy to competitors, no food or treats of any kind are allowed on the competition field. Keep all food in the spectator area.
• Please exhibit good sportsmanship. This is a family sport; set a good example.
• NO female dogs in heat allowed at the competition site.
• Please treat your dog with respect. At the discretion of the competition coordinator, and or judges, competitors who are seen to be mistreating their dogs will be asked to leave with no refund given.
• Walk your dog before your round to minimize the risk of a potty break on the field. In USDDN Qualifier Divisions a nature break ends the round and a score deduction penalty is made. You must always clean the area your dog soiled immediately after your round is complete.
• When you are called “on deck”, wait to take the field until the judges are ready.
• All judges’ calls are final.
• Any contingencies not covered in this list of rules will be decided by a conference between the Head Judge & the Event Organizer, and only if needed, the involved individuals.
• Handlers are asked in good faith to play their dog(s) in the division that suits the handler’s skill level.
• Discs allowed for the Novice Divisions are any disc (no hoops or any flyer that is not round) that is deemed dog-safe by the judging staff by direction of the Head Judge. Pro and Senior competitors are required to use dog specific plastic discs; Hero, Hyperflite, and Fastback varieties, or others by the Head Judge and Event Coordinator’s approval before the competition/event. There will be specific disc rules for the USDDN Qualifier Divisions competition.
• Novice teams may also use a "Lure Disc" or other "Lure Object" during toss and fetch events to get their dog to release the disc that is in play. (please choose a different color disc as a lure disc so you don't confuse the judges) Novice teams may also use "Long Line" or Leash that is tied to the dog during the round for retrieval training.
• All competitors should get to compete in all of their rounds but if sunlight or time restraints prohibit a timely finish, it is the Event Coordinator’s option in any division or event after the first round to make a placement "cut" to advance onto further rounds. Due to delays, weather, or other issues any event can be finalized after the completion of the first round upon the discretion of the head judge or event organizer.
• First round run orders will be randomly selected and then modified to not run a dog back to back. Second round run orders will be modified to run from the last place team to the first place team of the first round.
• Be aware of the specific rules that each organization (i.e., USDDN, UFO, etc) has for the event you are competing in.
• Have fun, be safe, and ask the competition officials if you ever have a question or concern.

*These are not all inclusive & will be added to periodically*

Add: Do not play your dog on the playing field before the competition.

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